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Life as I know it began 27 years ago when I was born to my parents on a fine day in January. It was a blissful 9 months of sharing life with them until today, when it all ended. Today, 27 years ago, was the last day I saw my mother. I hardly knew who she was and until today, questions about her linger in my mind. What was she like? What was her favorite color? What did she do when I took a nap? Questions about my infancy flood my mind even more so these days because I now share the same joy of motherhood she once did with me. Sadly, these questions will be left unanswered until the day I am reunited with her in heaven. At least I know it wasn’t our last goodbye, because heaven (the best place there is!) is where we get to say hello once again!

Hi! My name is Diane and I am a newbie in the world of blogging. Blogging has been on my mind for a while now. Expressing my thoughts in writing has always been a passion of mine.  I decided to start today. I thought maybe it would be a great way to remember my mom and pay tribute to her since it is my first year as a mom as well. There a million things I want to ask my mom about my infancy. Questions such as: Did I sleep through the night? When did I have my first taste of solids? When did I start crawling? Was I an “easy” baby? Did I smile a lot? These are some of the things my son and I are discovering. My in-laws would share about how my husband was as a baby and it would always leave me wondering how I was. Though my dad diligently kept a journal throughout my childhood, (which I thought is so awesome!) he left out the details of my life prior to my mom’s death. I guess he thought she would be the one to keep track of my mini milestones. I started reading my dad’s journal shortly after I gave birth to my son, Micah. A lot of my dad’s entries were about how much he missed my mom and the memories she had left behind. It would be mostly about how much I reminded him of her, how when I smiled, he would remember hers and sweet things such as those.

My mom’s sudden demise brought him many sleepless nights and buckets of tears. They have only been married for a year and 8 months and I was a honeymoon baby…according to my calculations. My mom was also pregnant with my 7 month old brother when her tragic death happened. I know..I thought they would wait a little longer and enjoy my existence before thinking of adding on but they didn’t! The double death broke my dad’s heart even more. I was too little to know what was going on. But for as long as I can remember, November 2 is always the day, we remember my mother.

So as I begin this new season in my life as a new mother, I want to begin by taking this time to thank my  late mom for the time she invested in my life. Though it was short and sweet, it was and will always be because of her that I now get to enjoy the joys of my journey as a mother. Mom, thank you for loving me for as long as you could and in the best way you knew how. This is a start of my adventures as a mom to Micah. I don’t know how long my time as a mom will be but thank you for bringing me into this world in order for me to enjoy it.

Since the beginning, God has had a special plan for our lives. I do not fully understand it yet, but I am excited to watch Him turn the pages of this new and exciting chapter.

This is one of the few pictures I have with my mom. 1-27-1985


This was when it was my turn to hold my son. 4-27-2012



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  • ohhhh my goodness…what to say?!? first of all, I AM SO GLAD UR BLOGGING!!! thank u so much for sharing such beautiful, precious thoughts of ur mom…and thoughts on being a mother urself now. I know u didn’t ever really get to know ur mom, but she (and ur grandma) obviously loved u like crazy and yes, it’s wonderful u WILL see her again!! Micah is soo blessed that he gets to grow up w/ u as a mom and Chris as a dad. and 4 awesome grandparents! ur a great writer and I look forward to reading about ur many (fun) adventures of being Micah’s mom!

    p.s. that’s crazy how u were a honeymoon baby and Micah was a honeymoon baby!! u must come from a fertile family!! hmm…does that mean we can expect another little one soon?!? 😉

    • p.p.s. i was/am typing on my cell cuz i’m too lazy to get out of bed and get my laptop…sorry for the poor grammar/shorthand!

    • Thank you Jessica! 🙂 You are oh so kind! 🙂 Yes….it runs in the family…but NO we are not expecting another one just yet! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  • Bambi singson-habalo

    Nice Diane 🙂 looking forward to more entries

  • Dines, as soon as I started reading this, my tears started rolling down (and sipon too) =) I have been waiting for this day that you would talk about your mom. Yes, that is what every new mother realizes once they have their very own – remember their own mom, no matter how long or short they’ve known her. Your mom was indeed special! I will tell you stories…Goks

  • Dearest dearest dearest Dines, I am so glad to see that you are processing your grief from having lost your mom at a very tender age. It is such a joy for me to see your tender, loving care towards your son. When I see your joy, patience, and loving tenderness for your son, I am reminded of God’s infinite care and love for me too. I echo goks that your mom was special. I still vividly remember those days when you were so tiny and she would often tenderly hold you and make sure you were very comfortable. You are precious and deeply loved! Much love, siko

  • I am so happy that you start your blog. Thank you for sharing your story of your mom. It is very beautiful. You are very blessed to have great two moms and wonderful dad. Micah is also luckiest baby in the world to have a mom like you and dad like Chris. I am so happy to be your friend and thrilled to see how wonderful you are as a mom and wife. Love you.

  • Ahhhh!!! Whattan awesome first entry! Bring ’em on! Blog, blog, blog! I gotta luv thehippomum!

  • Mas kamuka mo dad mo noh?

  • I AM SO PROUD THAT YOU ARE BLOGGING <3 And you look a lot like your mom, Atchi Di! 🙂 I am sure that your mom is proud of you and is happy to see you blossom into the wonderful mother God has indeed shaped you to be! I love you!

  • Wow, what a beautiful way to start your blog! It’s heartwarming and I am glad to witness how God’s love for you is unfolding and how the dots are connecting. This has been an awesome year of many adventures, and a few months pa lang of you being a mom, it seems like this is not your first, parang expert na. Many other moms will be blessed with your sharing 🙂

  • Dearest sweet princess Dines, thank you for sharing from your heart. I was holding back my tears. You are a blessing from The Lord. It is a heart wrenching long journey but you are very brave to bare it to all of us and encouraging others to do likewise. You are finally processing your feelings but the deep pain surfaces and demands an answer. Hehe there is no shortcut. Our Heavenly Father has His arms wrapped around you, cuddling you close to His bosom. I recall your Mom as a supercool mom just like you. You went up to Baguio with us at 3 months old. Mind you, Baguio was like some 7 hours travel (yea, 27 years ago). You were pretty like Micah, easily contented and slept much of the way except when you were hungry haha. I believe your mom breastfed you too. Oops, I did not have to change your diaper.
    By the way, blog on. You have the gift of writing. You express yourself so well. Mmh, do what your dad always wanted to do but ain’t got the time. Well maybe, he will follow you. Love you vm, Akko

  • This made me tear up. Made me remember how we used to hang out in your home in Skyland Plaza and just talk about everything.

    P.S. Micah was born pala April 27–I’m April 26. 🙂 When we meet, I think we will get along. 🙂 See you soon!

    Marsy (now a Medina *smile smile)

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