A Hulky Halloween!

October 31, 2012 marked our first Halloween as a family. In my crazy attempts to make it a family event, I spent a lot of time researching which costumes would work best. I wanted us to go as a “team”. I wanted all of us to all dress up from the same “category.” This made my choices slim and oh so difficult. You see, I am not a creative person and arts and crafts are not my forte. I struggle to glue things together…let alone whip up a costume! I went back and forth between different cartoon characters that came in groups of 3 or more such as Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee Pea or Batman, Robin and Catwoman or even Thing 1, Thing 2 and Cat in the Hat! I was wracking my brain thinking who we could dress up as. My husband suggested that we could be cereal boxes… I thought was a cool concept except, I didn’t want to walk around with a box over my head nor did I think my 6 month old son would approve. Maybe when he is a little older and I didn’t have to carry him in a box, we will take a shot at that idea.

One Sunday afternoon, I randomly told my husband that we should just go Party City and get some inspiration. I just wanted us to check out the different pictures posted on the wall and maybe…just maybe we would find something that would interest us. It was to no avail. As we left, we decided to take a detour to the Ross right next door. We love strolling the aisles of Ross for random cheap things when we have nothing else more important to do. As we walked by a small rack of messed up costumes, we stumbled upon an infant Incredible Hulk costume for $4.99! I was ecstatic! My husband was still a little hesitant because he knew what was going on inside my head! He was right! We would be The Avengers! His heart sunk because he would have to pay for a costume for us to come in full gear! I quickly took the costume and asked the nice lady to put it on hold. We went back to Party City and I found a $9 Iron Man shirt. It was decided! He would be Iron Man, Micah would The Hulk and I would be….____? The obvious character would be Black Widow. But I told him I was going to decide later who I’d choose to be because honestly, I thought Black Widow was pretty boring! No one will know who I was and it wouldn’t allow me to dress up–actually that’s the main reason I didn’t want to be her! I wanted to be someone with whom I could recreate his/ her costume with the regular clothes. As we casually discussed our costumes, I decided I wanted to be Thor. I could recreate the hammer with some styrofoam and a stick and I could dress up in black and silver and use a red table-cloth as my cape! The table-cloth idea was a flop and I ended up just buying the cape. With a bit of work and help from my friend & my father-in-law…my Thor costume was completed just in time for Halloween!

With his red shirt, a brown suit and some cheap gloves, my husband was The Iron Man/ Tony Stark. With $4.99, a pair of scissors and a credit card, my son was The Incredible Hulk. I needed the scissors to cut up the bottom half of his costume since it was too small…but I figured..hey the real Hulk breaks through his clothes and so did our son! And with a metallic long sleeve top, a black tank top, a silver skirt, a pair of boots, a black belt, a red cape, some pin buttons and lots of aluminum foil…I was Lady Thor. And then we had a happy halloween!


  • what r u talking about, ur “not a creative person”?! ur DEF creative and it’s amazing how u put ur costumes together for so little $!! u did a fantastic job and pulled it off well!!

  • That was such a creative and resourceful Avenger-full, fun story to read!

  • You may not be artsy creative as you say, but you are resourceful creative and I love how you have a gift at finding nice cheap stuff! A very good shopping partner.

    Moms out there, you may wanna check out good buys and products from Diane, because she has probably researched it and found where to get it 😉

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