The Wonder of Imagination

The other day, Micah refused to nap! He just fought it the whole day. He even chanted as he painted his picture, “Mama, no nap, no nap. Micah does not need a nap. No nap, no nap, Micah does not need a nap.” It sounded more annoying (as you can imagine) than funny when it was happening. But at his usual nap time (and my much awaited ME time), I sent him off to bed.

After two hours, he was still awake. I could hear him reciting parts of the books he had memorized, talking to himself and singing his heart out. It was funny listening to him. But I figured, might as well keep him up since this nap thing isn’t working and bedtime will just be moved up an hour early.
I walked into his room and told him he could stay in his room until I was ready for him to come downstairs. He could read or play legos on his mat while he waited. He really wanted to ride his bike and his car downstairs but he since he didn’t nap (thus disobeying) his consequence was he had to entertain himself in his room alone.

Two hours later (YES, two hours…I was shocked, too!) he was still up there. I could hear him talking but it was too muffled for me to understand. I decided to listen through the door. He was talking about a tow truck coming to take the car away because there was construction going on. I was curious to see what he was doing. I wished there was a peep hole so I can look in. I just opened the door quietly to see what was going on. Low and behold, there was powder on his community mat.



I was just about to go, “Micah! What happened?! What did you do?!” But I held my breath and listened to him narrate his story. He looked up with a grin and said, “Mama! Look! There’s snow and construction site and the tow truck take away the car because he was in an accident.” His imagination was running wild and his brain was too fast for his mouth. He was trying really hard to explain what was going on but he was just too excited!


I watched quietly as he shared his heart with me. He told me how the tow truck with a mechanic was helping the car and that the driver did not check the traffic so he got stuck (Trivia: his dad always needs to check the traffic whenever we get into the car. I thought that part was hilarious!). The snow (aka baby powder) covered the road, which caused it to become a construction site. He showed me how the construction worker and driver (he is a multi-tasker apparently) had to put the “snow/dirt” into the dump truck then drive away. He proudly showed me the skyscrapers he had built with lego and how Bob the builder had come to build them. He was throwing all these big words at me and quoting the books we learned them from.



At that moment, my heart was filled to the brim. I was glad I held my breath and let him take charge. At the end of the day, it was my fault for leaving the powder within his reach and for not giving him enough boundaries on what he can and cannot do in his room. I savored the moment as I listened to my 2.5 year old share what was in his mind and in his heart. I listened as he opened his eyes to the raw power of integrating everything we have been learning and experiencing. He allowed me to go back to the days when I would make stuff up and laugh at the simplest things. As I watched him find joy in powder, tow trucks and building legos, I silently thanked the Lord for the little things that make us smile. Who would have thought my mistake of leaving the baby powder within his reach would allow him to picture snow and make it real.


Because of this, we were able to stop and talk about who created this wonderful thing called snow and once again bring it back to our awesome Creator. It is amazing how God uses these moments to make us stop and appreciate His majesty. It reminded me to make a conscious effort to revert everything back to the One who made it all and making each moment a teachable moment that leads back to Christ.
Moments later, we heard the garage door open. I quickly ran downstairs to meet my husband. I knew he would freak out (eyes wide open, mouth drops, and goes WAH!) at the sight of the powder on the floor so I had to warn him. I gave him a hug and a kiss and said, “Babe, hurry. Go upstairs to Micah’s room and listen through the door. Listen to what he is talking about. It’s really funny and quite entertaining. But there’s stuff on the floor you might not like. Don’t react! Control yourself. He is just using his imagination.” Chris was like, “WHAT?! What’s on the floor?!” I said, “Nothing the vacuum can’t take care of and it’s just on his play mat and not on the carpet.”


Thank God I prompted him because his eyes did pop out when he saw the powder. But he did keep his mouth shut and replaced the gasp with a pleasant inquiry of what was going on. Micah enthusiastically shared the happenings in his busy little town while his dad listened attentively to him. My husband looked at me and smiled with saying, “Thanks for the heads up but you gotta clean this up later.”

What a blissful moment.



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