This show just gets me every time! I cry, I laugh, I sympathize, I relate and I struggle whenever I watch episodes of Parenthood. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this NBC TV series, here’s a summary in a nutshell.

Parenthood is a show that revolves around the Braverman family, which has expanded to three generations, featuring patriarch Zeek Braverman and matriarch Camille Braverman, their oldest son Adam, his wife, Christina and three children, their daughter Sarah and her two children, their second son Crosby, his new wife Jasmine and their young son Jabbar, and finally their youngest daughter Julia, her husband, their daughter Sydney, and their newly adopted young boy, Victor. The series is set in Berkeley, California and the San Francisco Bay Area. (This is from Wikipedia!) Great summary I thought! 🙂

Watching this show reminds me so much of my own family. It encapsulates a wonderful and loving family who goes through their daily lives together and are crazily involved (oh yes they are!) with one another. It is warm and funny but at the same time drama filled because of the life issues the family members face. Another thing I like is also that it is thought provoking. I say this because I always find myself thinking about the issues being brought up in the show. It is able to portray life as we know it today. Struggles of families with different situations, parental relationships, husband and wife relationships, sibling relationships, cousins, adoption, financial difficulties, special needs, even cross cultural differences are all tackled in this show. I think the producers, directors and writers do a pretty good job in capturing daily circumstances that families go through today. Not only does it make me think of how I was raised and how my family confronted similar instances but it also makes me think about how I would respond  to my son and his issues in the future. As I watch and follow this heartwarming show, it never fails to remind that each of our own family situation is unique and special in its own way. I love how Christina and Adam handled Max’s Aspergers Syndrome. I think they explained it to him in a wise and respectful manner. I also liked how Jasmine explained to Jabbar about African-American situations, it was clear, to the point and something a 5 year old would understand. It made me think about how I would handle Micah’s issues when he becomes a teenager and how I should or would react to actions and relationships (NO GIRLFRIENDS EVER!–JK!)  because of Sarah’s situations with Amber and Drew. I also understand how hard it must be for Marc to adjust and find his place as a step father in the lives of Sarah’s kids. I have a stepmom too and she’s amazing but we did have to go through a lot before we were able to establish this wonderful relationship that we share today! I cried buckets as I watched Zeek fight for his grandson’s turn at a baseball and how their entire family showed Victor that he is a part of their family by sitting through his entire game even though he wasn’t even playing. Thank God that coach put him in at the end! My family would have done the same…(only we don’t play baseball)…but everyone being supportive…that is guaranteed! My brother who we adopted when he was a baby is a very gifted singer has been asked to perform for different shows multiple times…and just like the Bravermans, our family is always there to support him…FULL FORCE! Now that’s what I call a stage family! 🙂 I love how Adam protects Christina and supports her through her struggle with cancer and how their whole family was shattered with when they shared the news. I remembered hearing about my aunt’s cancer diagnosis a year and a half ago weeks before my wedding. My heart broke into a million pieces and I remembered just how close our family got because we all came together to support her and love her. Different family members flew out to Vancouver to visit and took turns taking her to doctor appointments and chemotherapy. I was even willing to move our wedding date just in case she had an appointment. The close bond of the Bravermans is a constant reminder of how close mine is too. I miss them daily because we are so far away. It saddens me that they can’t watch my son grow up…like they did with me.  But thank God for technology! FaceTime, Skype and Viber are our best friends! I love it when my parents and my aunts call just to see how we are doing and how my son is growing. Just last night, right before bed time, my aunts from Vancouver called to FaceTime with Micah because I sent them a picture of his new haircut. They laughed as he crawled and drooled and played. It just made my heart smile. Nothing could come between the love our family has for each other…no distance is too far for love to travel!  I also loved the episode when Hattie was about to leave for college and everyone gather to say their goodbyes. It reminded me of my goodbye party before my final move to the US.  It was my last flight out as a single family member. Even though we will see each other in 6 months, we knew in our hearts it will never be the same again. That was the year I was getting married. I remembered crying so much that I could hardly talk. It was the only time none of my family members took me to the airport. As the van door closed, my tears rolled. My then fiance didn’t know how to comfort me. I knew in my heart that things were about to change. Good change though but still, I wanted to hold on as long as I could. My family is one of the best gifts God gave me. And just like the show, their family is made up of the grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles and cousins….just like mine! 🙂 Not everyone can say that..but I am proud to say I can. It can be crazy, everyone can and will be involved…opinions, welcomed or unwelcomed will be shared… but nothing beats having them around. It just makes me appreciate what I have even more. Can’t wait to see everyone in December! Counting down!!! 

Each family faces their own set of challenges, but it is how you propose to deal with it is what keeps you together or tears you apart. Watch Parenthood on NBC, Tuesday nights at 10 PM. 🙂


  • aww…you have such a special fam…it’s so true!! parenthood brings up all sorts of real-life issues. i didn’t know your aunt was diagnosed with cancer before your wedding!!! (of course, i didn’t know you at all then!) it must be so different watching parenthood as a mom yourself now…you can relate on so many different levels…hurray for parenthood tuesdays!!

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