A Tactile Experience: A Texture Board for Your Tots!

I’m so excited to share this with you!  I created this board for my little one and my baby-on-the-way but clearly, my big boy was as into it as much as my 15 month old! IMG_9763

A “texture board” presents a variety of textures for your child to explore.  Your little one will able to compare and contrast a variety of sensations as he uses his sense of touch.  It is not only simple to create, it is also beautiful and budget-friendly!  I put this together for less than $10 with the help of coupons, clearance items and recycled materials.

IMG_9765 IMG_9817


A variety of textures of fabric

Wooden or Plastic embroidery hoops (this is the 4″ hoops)


Cloth pen

Wood glue

Poster Board


What to do?

1.  Select and purchase your fabrics from your local fabric store. (Mine are from Jo-ann’s because we had coupons! YEHEY!)

When choosing your fabrics, try to find ones that are contrasting in texture.  This way you can introduce words such as rough, smooth, bumpy, soft, furry and silky.  Find fun colors and designs to make it more fun and exciting. It is a great way to teach or review colors too.  IMG_9764

With Micah, (3 years old) I introduced the different fabric materials as he felt them.  Terry cloth, flannel, grizzly fur, lace and cotton were some of the new words he learned.  He also associated these items with various items around the house: terry cloth felt like his towel, flannel felt like his blanket and lace like his mommy’s dress.  He was also able to recognize some of the recycled materials that I used from his grandma’s fabric collection, such as the polka dot pillow case.


2.  Place your poster board flat on the table.

3.  Loosen the embroidery hoop.  Pop the smaller hoop out and glue one side down on your poster board.  Do this for all the smaller hoops.


Sorry, I added the last two hoops at the last minute and then thought…oh I should take a picture!

4.  With the larger hoop as a guide, cut out a circle on the back side of the fabric.

IMG_97575. Lay your cut fabric over the smaller hoop.  




6. Press the larger hoop over the smaller one and tighten the screw.  Periodically pull the fabric to make sure it is tight. Repeat step 4 with all your fabrics.



IMG_9820  IMG_9769

* This is great for infants too! Having them touch and feel these different textures with their little hands will enhance their sense of touch.  Not to mention that it is visually attractive too.

Extension: for older children 

Let’s play memory game!

1. Place a small sample of each fabric in an opaque bag.

2. Choose a sample from the bag and try to pick the fabric from the board without peeking!

3. Have fun!!!

IMG_9974  IMG_9971 IMG_9966


IMG_9975 IMG_9964 IMG_9969

Another alternative is making a Cloth Book.


1. Cut a small sample from each fabric.

2. Cut out card stock for each of the fabric.

3. Stick one sample on each card stock.

4. Staple the card stock together to make a booklet.

5. Use a blindfold and feel each sample.

6. Find the matching fabric on the board.

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