A Labor Story

The most intense 3 hours and 45 minutes of my life happened on April 27,2012. But everyday that I look back, I know I would go through it all over again because it was all worth it.

ImageI was 40 weeks and 3 days and our little Micah was cooking in the oven a little over due. I had a doctor’s appointment that morning (Thursday) and I was 4cm dilated. My OB told me it was going to happen anytime…today, tomorrow or over the weekend. I drove to our new house to check out the carpets that were going to be installed, drove my aunt and my mom back to their hotel in downtown SF, drove myself home and waited for Chris to get home. I had a feeling I was going to deliver soon so i kept walking to try to induce labor. I honestly couldn’t wait to get him out! hahaha Chris and I decided we would go the mall that night so we could walk more and while we were shopping, we were also praying I would go into labor that night! :)
God answered our prayer! I started contractions that went on every 5 mins at 2:45 am.  I decided to walk around the house since the pain wasn’t bad at all. Our desire was for me to deliver at Kaiser San Francisco not only because it was a great hospital but also because Chris was born there too. We wanted a first like father, like son experience. haha But we knew we would have to take a risk because there was a chance that I would have to share a post delivery room with someone else because they were always packed. I finally decided to call the hospital at 3:45 am and true enough…they told me they were full and I had to share a room if I decided to come anyway. I didn’t mind..but we prayed and asked God to be in every detail including the smallest ones such as room assignments. Hey! If He can create babies, a room in a hospital is a simple request! :) We got to hospital around 5 since we picked my mom and my aunt up at their hotel. I even put some foundation in the car because I didn’t want to look too pale for the pictures. (I know…I was vain!) We waited for about an hour before they finally admitted me. I was just sit-rolling on a birthing ball while my husband patiently massaged my back. At that point, I started to feel some back labor. When they finally checked me…my BP was starting to shoot up and I was 5CM dilated. Once I got settled in the triage room, my nightmare began! I started feeling horrible back labor, this caused my BP to increase rapidly. The nurse quickly asked (she kind of insisted) and suggested that I got some pain meds or even the epidural. Because my BP was getting higher and higher I was at risk of preclampsia. This is a disorder that only occurs in pregnant women when their blood pressure gets really high and it can cause seizure or stroke. The nurses were pushing for me to have an epidural because they said I wouldn’t last till 12 or 1pm, which is how long labor is typically for the first baby. But stubborn o’ me decided I could do it. I told Chris, my mom and my aunt that we will pray because I will not wait till 12 noon to deliver this baby! It was way too long!!! I was going to pass out because my back labor was so intense. I claimed that God could make this miracle happen!
At 8 am I was 8cm! The doctors were so surprised! It was because of my Direct Line to heaven! They asked me after 5 minutes if i wanted them to break my water bag…and I yelled YES!!!  And minutes later I was at 10 and ready to push! I was in so much pain, BP was racing and my back was killing me!!! The nurses and doctors were amazed at the progress of my labor and dilation to push and rest and everything in between… All we did was pray! I don’t know where else I could have gotten the strength and endurance to get through it. My BP was now super high and Micah’s heart rate was dropping. By God’s grace he came out when he did because we were both in critical condition at that point but God’s loving hands pulled us through! A mom does know the right time to “push” when you really have to! Micah had to be vacuumed out at the last second because his heart rate was dropping way too fast while my BP was shooting off the roof and I was really in bad condition. But thank God because I don’t think I could have lasted another minute! It was the longest 45 minutes of my life! It was really only by the grace of God!!! It was such an awesome God-depending experience. Truly it was God’s hand upon my pregnancy, with my accident at 34 weeks, my crazy labor experience and now, my son’s life. :D  In the end… We got through 4 hours of labor and 45 mins of pushing!
I can’t express how much joy I have to be able to experienced it with Jesus! I had to focus on one thing the whole time and for some reason Blessed Be Your Name was the song I sang! I pushed for 45 mins… but on the “last set” of pushing… God told me to sing Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! And after 3 big pushes with this song going through my head….at 9:03am..with the help of a vacuum our son was born…crying and healthy with his little cheeky eyes open!!! My BP stabilized and I was back to normal in a matter of seconds. :DI knew we were both in critical condition because i heard the doctors say: This is was an acute emergency and that we need to get him out! She is going to have a stroke or a seizure. I remembered pushing with all my heart…then that first cry was the best noise I ever heard! I delivered him with a BP of 190/187. Crazy high! Everything I went through just reminded me that our lives are truly gifts from God and everything is in God’s hands! I couldn’t have done it without Him! No pain meds or epidural…but only  an overdose of the Grace and Strength of my Creator!!!
Praise God for He is the Giver of Life!!! Micah means he who is like the Lord! We pray that he will grow up to reflect his name and bring glory to God in every way! My husband was such an amazing birth coach and my mom’s constant prayers by my ears helped me get through it! I was so thankful my husband was by my side the whole time. The second Micah came out, Chris yelled OH MY GOSH about 5x at the top of his lungs and he kept saying great job babe!! He’s beautiful! He’s here!!! AHHHH!!!! It was such a relief!!! It was awesome to have him and my mom encouraging me the whole time. My aunt was outside praying for us made our miracle even more special! God is truly wonderful in every way! We stand in awe!
And oh, about the room sharing situation (such a little detail in the larger scheme of things but overwhelming such a great blessing as well) we were told an hour before we were going to get discharged from the labor room to the recovery room, the nurse told us that we had to share a room because they were full. Chris and I looked at each other and we prayed. We prayed and thanked God for the wonderful experience and asked him to do us another favor and give us our own room. The second (literally!) before they were going to wheel me up to the recovery floor, our nurse received a call from the reception desk and she said, oh someone just checked out, they have a private room for you! WOW! Chris and I looked at each other and we knew…God answered! What a great blessing it is to have God on our side!!! Chris got special treatment from the nurses too because they all liked him a lot and brought him meals and coffee everyday! (even though the other dads didn’t get it haha) Talk about God in every detail! We are just so thankful!
I know this is a super long story but it’s just amazing and I can’t help but share every detail of how amazing our God is and we just want to give HiM the glory! We rejoice in His precious gift! We pray that as we journey through parenthood with Micah, we will faithfully raise him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
I really encourage moms out there to write your birth story. It’s a great memory and a great experience to share because each of us has our own and it’s unique, special and beautiful. :)
He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God.


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